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Barefoot Training at Batavia Back & Neck, Ltd.

Barefoot heel painSometimes, problems we experience in the body don’t necessarily originate where we’re feeling pain. In fact, many structural problems in our spine and body can be traced back to one crucial area-our feet!

As the base of our body, designed to support our entire frame, it’s no wonder that problems can originate in the feet from a variety of reasons.

Commonly, high arches and flat feet can lead to issues beginning at the base of the body, and causing disruptions all the way up.

That’s why Al Meo is proud to offer focused, evidence-based barefoot training designed to restore function, stability and structure to your feet. That way, they’ll work just as they were intended to.

Barefoot training involves stretching and exercising with bare feet in order to better stabilize muscles and connective tissue in the region. When we wear cushioned sneakers, they absorb certain shocks that occur when walking or running, which means your foot muscles aren’t engaging.

If your muscles and connective tissue aren’t engaging during exercise, injury and problems can occur. When we remove that cushion and allow your foot muscles to engage as meant to, they become stronger and more adaptable.

When it comes to barefoot training, many of our patients have noted improvements relating to:

  • Improved body awareness
  • Better stability and agility
  • Less muscle imbalance

  • Reduced foot pain or tenderness
  • Reduced knee and hip pain
  • Better body alignment

Does barefoot training mean I should never wear shoes?

No, barefoot training isn’t necessarily a replacement for shoes, but is designed to restore proper function to your feet, ankles, legs and gait from the ground up. Obviously, certain shoes are safety requirements depending on your career (construction, etc). Think of barefoot training as a form of exercise for muscles and ligaments that have been left behind in the past. With that being said, there are athletes and patients that choose to continue to exercise in bare-style exercise shoes, designed to feel and function like your bare feet.
What exercises will I work on?

During your time with Al, he’ll create a custom experience for you based on the unique needs of your body. He’ll get to the root cause of your weakness or injury, and devise your sessions from there.
Is there anyone who isn't a candidate for barefoot training?

Individuals with sensory loss in the feet may not be ideal candidates for barefoot training. Other than that, athletes, patients with foot injuries and those with pain or posture problems often make excellent candidates.

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